About Us

About 24/7 Online Telemedicine was founded by a Board of Qualified Physicians. With over 10 years of collective medical experience in the practice of medicine, the founders are dedicated to provide their patients with high quality healthcare anywhere, at any time — leading to the advancement of 24/7 online telemedicine. It is our core belief that success is the product of systematic approaches that provide clinical treatment on a scale.

Our Vision

Our goal as an organization is to improve healthcare by allowing patients to have improved access to the highest standard of care through a technology-enabled platform.

Our Mission

Our mission statement stems explicitly and simply from our dream. We work with healthcare organizations to put together physicians and patients using emerging technology to transform clinical treatment and patient outcomes in a measurable manner.

Our Core Value

Our core values encourage us to be a team that works and develops together. We are proud of the diversity of our workforce and of our ability to leverage health, scientific, organizational, financial and business skills to surpass our objectives. We know that together, we can do great things. We're striving to be an employer of choice. We want to be respected by our clients and the community for being a true partner in providing quality patient care with good clinical results. We want to be very confident in our ability to offer clinical quality to our provider clients.